Friday, March 23, 2007

Magical Mondays on Friday

It's been a while since I posted a "Magical Monday" and since I'm going to be pretty much out of commission for a while, I thought I'd post one now.

Some time ago (and right now, I can't remember where), I read a suggestion about divination. It was something along the lines of: If you want to know the answer to a question (esp. a "yes or no" answer), say aloud that in the next few days, if the answer to your question is yes, you will see X (fill in the blank with your own item - something unusual), but if the answer is no, then you will Y. Now, it has to be something that you wouldn't normally see. A purple polka-dotted car driven by a clown, for instance (unless you live in an area where those are common).

As you've heard (read) me whine for several months now about my job, I decided recently that if I saw a red Volkswagen bug on my way home from work, the answer was I should quit. (There are tons of silver and blue ones around this area, but I hadn't seen a red one.) Sure enough, I started seeing them everywhere I looked. There were so many, I said, "Ok, if I see a green, yellow & white striped car then I know this is really the answer" (since, let's face it, basing such a huge decision on a red Volkswagen seems pretty stupid, and what's the likelihood of seeing such a striped car?)

Well, guess what I saw within the hour?

For several days, it seems I was plagued with red Volkswagens and weirdly striped cars until I finally typed up my letter of resignation. As I sat shaking at my desk, I said a fervent prayer asking whether this was the right thing to do, and was rewarded with a sudden, clear mental image of a red VW, so taking a deep breath, I went into my boss's office.

Here's what happened next:

She started asking me questions about why I wanted to do that, what were my plans, etc. As we talked, some other things came out that I wasn't expecting. She suggested I make a doctor's appointment to take advantage of my insurance while I could, and wait a few days before making a decision.

I said I would, and the next day, I drove to the hospital passing red VW's and weird, striped cars on the way. It turns out there were things going on with me that I didn't know about and that are going to require some intensive treatment. If I hadn't decided to quit and hadn't had such a great boss, God only knows where I might have been a month or two from now. As it stands, I will be taking a medical leave of absence for the next several weeks, and will still have a job (if I want it) when I get back.

While I wouldn't normally recommend such a precarious method for making life-altering decisions, I have to say that red VW probably saved my life, and by extension, my family.


  1. Weird. But yes, if not for the red VW and the striped cars, why, you might be in La-La Land right now. It's great you have such an understanding boss, mine is a self indulgent prick.
    I'm happy to hear your taking the leave. I know I would. Stay happy.

  2. Thanks, Lucas. It's a bit of a trying time right now, but I have every reason to believe it will get better.

    Thanks for dropping in - by the way, I've been loving the fairy story you've been posting on your blog. Good work!

  3. Kate, I'm sending you healing prayers and thoughts. Thank God for your boss. I'm so glad you caught it in time--for health and insurance purposes.

    Will you be able to write during these months off work? I hope so. That would be one bonus during this time. Medical treatments aren't usually a fun time.

  4. Thank you, Edie. Yes, thank God for my boss - she's done so much for me over the past several years, I owe her big time. She's never been the reason why I've wanted to leave that place - she's pretty much one of the only sane people there.

    I hope I'll be able to write, paint and take care of some other things, but I'm not sure what my time and energy level will be like. It would suck to have that much time off and not at least get to do something fun in the midst of it. :(

  5. My word, that is intense stuff right there. Good luck I hope you will be ok, and ghee my mom always say never miss the signs, so I guess I need to see stuff more clearly.
    Have a good week:)

  6. Oh good gosh,'re definitely there on my conversations with God list. And I know that you will be good. It's also a boob wish.

    Take care, my friend. And let us know if you need anything.

  7. The cars -- that's just crazy. There's a million thoughts rolling around in my head after reading this, but none would come out the way I wanted them to, so I'll just leave it and wish you well. I'll be thinking of you.

  8. Somebody has to be the skeptic here. :)

    Most likely you began seeing so many red cars because you were actively seeking them out. I think that most or all of this supernatural phenomenon can be chalked up to the subconscious. (Of course, accepting the existence of the subconscious requires a bit of faith in itself.)

    And keep in mind that I read tarot -- though I think that's mostly the mind forming patterns independently of supernatural phenomena, as well.

  9. Wow, that is amazing. I was sitting here thinking of my response, then I got towards the middle and end and was just blown away. I am glad that you had early enough warnings that something could be done in time.

    Sending you the warmest wishes.

    Stay Strong.

  10. Kate, too cool! I strongly believe in signs. Sometimes random thoughts are soul-whisperers.

  11. ETAIN - you're mom is right: watch for the signs. :)

    SUSAN - thanks for your kind words here and at my other blog. Your visits are always much appreciated.

    AVERY - thanks for the good wishes. :)

    INSECT - just reporting what happened. It's always open to individual interpretation. :)

    CHRISTINA - thank you for the warm wishes and kind words.

    LADONNA - you know I agree with you. :)

  12. Now the internal editor in me has to correct my post to Etain - YOUR not you're mom is right. :)

  13. Kate; Oh no! I hope you're all better soon! Although I'm an atheist, it doesn't mean I don't believe in ANYthing--rest assured that I'll be putting out the "white light" for you!
    In a similar vein, my roomie in Toronto & I used to divine with books--close your eyes, open to a page, stab your finger down on the page & see what the book advises. One day we decided we just wanted a general piece of advice. He went first and got; "Be nice." When I went, I got; "What?" *LOL*

  14. Thanks for having an interest in reading my work!
    As for a deadline for the assignment on my blog, well let's say either Wednesday April 4th. I know that doesn't give you much time. If you want an extension then Saturday would be fine. Hope you give it a try, I love your work! Later,

  15. Thanks, Lana. "What?" LOL. That is funny.

    Hi, Lucas. I actually typed up a first draft this morning and will put it on my "Sterling Sternberg Assignments" blog sometime today. You can access that from my "A Walk on the Weird Side" blog, which accessible from this page. Easy, huh? :)

  16. Kate, I'm sorry I'm only responding to this now. I am SO glad you caught whatever it is now and not later. Thanks goodness for your boss, and please, take care.

  17. Thanks, Michelle. I'm feeling a little better.


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