Sunday, April 13, 2008

Magical Mondays - Three Wishes

Ah, my friends, I am tired. So tired. My crazy schedule on top of some health issues lately has just been kicking my butt. As I lay stewing in my own misery the other evening, I asked myself what did I need to focus on, visualize, wish for, in order to feel better. My mind did its usual kickstart of "money" but I knew that while it would certainly help, by itself, it isn't enough.

I started digging deeper and realized that there are only three things I need, and if I had them on a consistent basis, I could accomplish anything. They are: wisdom, courage and good health.

You see, sometimes, I just don't know what is the right thing to do - that's where wisdom comes in. Sometimes, I know the right thing to do, but lack the courage to follow through. And sometimes, I might know what to do, have the courage to do it, but lack the stamina - that's where I need good health and energy. If I had all three in abundance, life could be grand. :)

So, now I wish those things not only for me, but for all of you as well. I'll be signing petitions with my heart, tucking wishes into my bra, focusing my mind, and hoping all of us are blessed with an abundance of all three. (And that we come about that wisdom as painlessly as possible, lol)


And now, because I told her I would, I'm going to show some love to an ebay artmate: And if you comment on her blog, you'll be entered in a drawing to win one of her cute sculptures on May 10. :)


  1. Love your three wishes. I hope for allthe three for you: wisdom, courage, and great health.

    Becky, I see you healthy and whole and dancing. :)

  2. I hope you start to feel better. Hot tea or chocolate?

  3. I'll certainly be putting white light "out there" toward your more than worthy wishes. :) *hugs*

  4. Those three sound like they cover all the bases.

  5. Thanks, ladies and gent. :)

    I appreciate the good wishes - especially since I have to go for some painful diagnostic tests tomorrow.

    Edie, healthy and whole I can handle, but that dancing bit? Lol, did you ever see the Seinfeld episode of Elaine dancing? If so, 'nuff said. :)

    Christina, thanks. I'll take both, thank you. :)

    Lana, I appreciate it the light and the hugs. :)

    Travis - yep. I truly believe with just those three, one could do anything.

  6. Kate, lovely post and so true! I have this angel prayer I try to say every day. Financial used to be number three or four, now it's the last thing on my list. LOL. Love how we reached the same conclusion. Wisdom maybe?

    I "wish" those wishes of yours come gift-wrapped!

  7. Hope you're feeling better.

    I've spent a good amount of time knowing what I should do but not having the courage to do it, as well. But, in my defense, look what happened to Frodo when he summoned his pluck. I LIKE my index finger.

  8. I love those wishes, Kate--and I'm sending them right back to you.

  9. You can sign my person next week. ;-) I'll be in your neck of the woods. Better yet, maybe we can get a chance to toast over those three wishes.

  10. LaDonna - I hope it's wisdom! lol

    Avery - I'm not sure you'll lose a finger. Then again, you never know.

    Cynthia - thank you! Good to see you. :)

    Marcia - I'm looking forward to it! Send me an email and let me know when you're around and where you'll be. I live in the suburbs, but I work in the city. Hopefully, we'll be able to work something out. :) kate AT katesterling DOTCOM

  11. Rebecca, that is just a lovely wish, and I wish for all three for you as well.

  12. You're gettin' wisdomous in your old age, there. Either that, or you're coming to more closely match my own folly...

    Yeah, wisdomous. So what?

    I always find your blog so inspirational!!!

  13. Kate, if you're floating around out there, I tagged you for a meme. Mostly because I miss your posts.

    Nudge. Nudge.

  14. Thanks, Michelle. :)

    Ah, Steve. I'm suspicionings I'm not nearly as wisdomous as you thunk. :)

    Avery, I'll try to check it out whent I get home. Not on my own computer right now.

  15. Haven't heard much from you lately. I hope all is well! *hug*

  16. Thanks for the hugs, Lana. I needed them. :)

  17. *knock knock* You're still alive out there, right? Do I have to come up there to Chicago again and nudge you the hard way? ;-)


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