Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends...

So, how is everyone out there? It's been a while, huh?

I've been under the weather for so long (and in Chicago, that's some pretty bad weather!) that I sometimes wonder if I'll ever dig out (literally and figuratively). Nevertheless, I wanted to log in and say "thank you" to those of you who've stuck with me, and get caught up on some of the good news around the blogosphere.

I'm still making the rounds, but here a few items of note:

Lana Gramlich's talent seems to grow every time I visit her blog. Her photography is incredible, as are her paintings. And her husband, Charles, (also extremely talented) has a short horror story on the (also very talented) Sidney Williams' new podcast.

Edie Ramer is in the finals of the American Title V contest - go, Edayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping she wins that publishing contract!

Zoe Winters was a finalist in the Better Sex Erotic Fiction contest, and won a "hot new author" prize.

Cynthia Eden keeps pulling in the publishing contract. Yay, Cindy! :)

Now, those are just a few highlights. I'm still making my way through my favorite blogs, so I'm sure I'll come across many more.

On the home front, I reviewed The List I made some time ago, and found things are still coming true. I definitely needed that pick-me-up. Among other things on the list, my daughter is now happy in acting classes, and I finally got a website started to help raise money (selling folk art paintings & sculptures) for a worthy cause.

I also created a new pseudonym and finished a short story that I'll submit tonight under the new name. (Sorry to be a tease, but this came about with a little help from another friend whom I promised to not mention, lips are sealed.) ;) It's the first thing I've finished in quite a while, too.

So, to those of you whose blogs I haven't gotten to yet, feel free to post all your good news. :)

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day. Hope your day (every day) is filled with laughter and love.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, congratulations on the all of the recent good news & thanks much for the shout out. You're too kind. :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for the shout out!

    I'm glad things are a little better for you. I went to your new website, and it's awesome. I went on ebay from the link, and it said there were 0 items available. They must have already sold. Good for you!

  3. Sorry to hear about you being under the weather. Hang in there.

    Great news about your story! And your list! Keep plugging away.

    Cheers until next time!

  4. Lana, Zoe & Edie - you're welcome. :)

    Thanks for checking the site, Edie. Everything is gone now except for the witch sign, but I haven't put it up for sale because I want to change it. :)

    Hey, Travis - good to see you! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. KATE!!! Young lady, if it weren't for it being the cyberspere, I'd shake you. ;-) Where in the world have you been?

    Good luck on the short story, too. We're all going to want some details.

  6. Wonderful to hear back from you! Awesome to hear that everything seems to be going so well!!!

  7. Good luck with the short story, Kate! Let us know how it goes.

  8. M..m...m..Marcia! (Kate's teeth are still rattling from that shaking.) I was kidnapped by flying monkeys, the dog ate it, the sun was in my eyes - actually, I've just been really busy and sick since mid-October. Not expected to end til mid-April. :(

    Stevo! Great to see you again. How's the Dynamo doing? Have you seen her since she got plugged in? :)

    Hi Michelle! Good to see you! Short story was sold - am hard at work on two novellas, and am about 1/3 through with a children's book.

  9. Hey! You're blogging again! Yay! :-)


  10. Hi, Spy - check your spam box. I think the emails may have gone astray - I know I've been getting spam from my own email address, dammnit, and when I wrote to yahoo to complain that my email was hacked, all I got was a computer-generated response: "Sounds like you're having trouble with Spam." Grrr

    So, if any of you received emails that look like they came from me promising to enlarge your penis, satisfy you woman, or get drugs from Canada really cheap, just know that those things are not within my power. I'm sorry. :)

  11. I can only imagine what that weather is like out there. I'm glad that you checked in. Good luck with the story! I'll send you good vibes!

  12. Hi, Christina! Nice to see you here. :)

    Well, apparently all the good vibes around worked because the short story sold. Now I'm just tying up the loose ends of two more to send out into the world to see how they fare. :)

  13. Congratulations on both your new story and another successful splitting of your personality. You'll soon have a name roster to rival an international spy.

    Good to hear from you. I'll pop by your new site and check it out.

  14. Ooh, Avery - I like the international spy angle! It's a much better explanation for my multiple personalities than what my doctors might give. :)


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