Sunday, May 17, 2009

On the Move

Well, it's been another busy month. Computer crashes, viruses and work have kept me offline and out of the loop for a while, and now I have to move. I hate moving, but sometimes it's a necessary evil. Have been trying all day to motivate myself to sort & pack my bedroom, but the bed keeps singing its siren's song and calling me back.

On the other hand, I was slightly stoked when I saw my shall-remain-secret short story is now up on the publisher's website. :) That motivated me to want to write some more, but I also have two friend's novels that are awaiting my edits and feedback, so I'd feel guilty about working on my own when I have promises to keep. Hence, I'm still sitting here doing nothing. (In self defence, did I mention my computer crashed and it had viruses? It took almost three weeks to get all that straightened out, so I'm way behind.)

Anyhoodles... hope all is well out there in your world. I'm off to look at all the work I need to do. And sigh. What are you up to?


  1. I hate it when things go wrong with my computer. Three weeks is a long time! I'm glad it's straightened out.

    Woohoo about the secret short story! Sounds mysteriously exciting.

    I'm working on revisions of my wip. I have 120 pages done. It would be nice if I finish by the end of this week, but I'll be happy if I'm done by the end of the following week.

  2. That's awesome, Kate! Did you get her email today? She just moved up buying novellas to August. :-( Shucks. She needs short stories, though!

    Your work is fist priority. No guilt! No contest! Your work is first priority, then editing, if you have time. :-)

  3. Thanks, Edie and Spy. Sorry for the long delay in replying - my darn computer has been freezing up again every time I try to log into Blogger. I just gave up. :(

    You amaze me by how much you manage to get done, Edie! Good luck with the WIP. :)

    Spy - she keeps forgetting to include me on the emails! I didn't know that. Oh, well.

  4. I too have been digging out from under the rubble of computer death.

    Y'know, Terminator tries to make the eventual Rise of the Machines look all scary and bad and stuff-- what they don't tell you is that worse, *much* worse, is when the machines sit back down and refuse to budge!

    Congratulations on the short story!!

  5. Oh, dear, Steve. It's awful, isn't it?

    Thanks for the congrats. :)

  6. Great news about the short story:)

    Not so good about your computer, hope the move went smoothly.

    Have a great day:)


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