Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Halloween Art Fans

Hey - if any of you like Halloween art, one of the artist groups that I belong to is having a giveaway at their blog. Stop by and enter to win. :)


  1. Cute witch. :) I was just thinking about you lately! Is this a new look for your blog, or have I forgotten what it looked like? I see by your sidebar that you're writing done. Yay, you!

    Off to check out your other blog.

  2. Hi Edie!

    Yes, this is a new look. I updated my website and used the header from there. :)

    It feels good to finally be writing (and finishing!) again. I read on either your blog or a comment on someone else's that you had started a story about angels and/or demons but gave it up because your own theology kept interfering, making it non-commercial. I'm facing that now myself!

    The bar titled "new novella" is one I started so I could submit it to Samhain, but I had to scrap the first 3000+ words and start over. (I haven't updated the bars in a while - must do that)

    Not sure if I'll get this one done in time or not - it's due 11/1. I'd love to hear about your experience with it. I was going to email you and ask anyway. :)

  3. Hey...nice progress on the writing projects!


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