Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Check it out...

Got a first look at my new cover art. It also came with banners, buttons and various sized editions of what you see here. I don't have a release date yet since we're just going through the first edits, but I'm happy. :)


  1. Very nice. I like the subtlety of it, the way there are no faces (I like to put my own faces on characters and cover images tend to get in the way of that--and then I really get messed up when movies are made and the actors look nothing like my head-photos).

    All that was probably more than you ever needed to know.

  2. I know what you mean. I was also glad there were no faces - I have a specific image of these two that I think would have been hard to capture.

    And yeah, dontcha hate it when the actors look nothing like how you pictured the characters? It has taken me two seasons to warm up to Eric on True Blood. He just so isn't how I pictured him from the books.


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