Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fun & Games

Just thought I should post some sort of update here, but since the last of my brain cells have gone on strike, I figured I'd point you in the direction of something fun.

Over at Avery DeBow's blog, she's doing a "bad-lib, mad-lib" where every Friday she asks posters for nouns, verbs, names, etc. and then uses them in her work in progress. It's been very entertaining, and Avery's talent shines in the creative ways she's put the words to use.
(For instance, one suggestion for an occupation was "Dr. Ruth's Personal Dominatrix" and she managed to weave that into her story.)

Go on - play along! :)


  1. Thanks for that, Kate! You're too kind.

    Everyone is indeed welcome. I'd love to have some more people torturing me (No, I'm not Dr. Ruth). The next installment goes up on Friday, and that's the same day I'll put up my list of requested items. Come on over and make me tear out my hair in frustration!

  2. I should go over and suggest the word noodles. It's a funny word. Whenever I'm at a loss for something to say, I say noodles.

    OK...I talked myself into it.

  3. You're welcome, Avery. Glad to be of hair-pulling service. :)

    Great choice, Travis. Do send it in. :)


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