Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Almost Magical Monday

I've been meaning to start up my "Magical Monday" posts again, but it seems like there's always something that comes up before I get to it.

So, meanwhile, let me offer you another Monday tradition that I think you'll enjoy reading: Amber Scott's Motivational Mondays. They are just that: motivational, and often magical as well. :) You can find a listing of them here: or at her blog,

I loved her series on "book babies" and "book parenting."

For more inspiration, Zoe Winters is also blogging over at Magical Musings about her journey in self-publishing as well. This was interesting for me, because I know a lot of people who are now trying that route, and I've started to dabble in it as well. (Just FYI - I'm not talking about the "you pay big bucks for someone to print a bunch of books that you have to buy yourself" type of self-publishing here, but a whole different venue where your upfront costs can be nearly zero and your profit is your own.)

Is there anything you've found particularly interesting or helpful lately that you'd like to share? Topic doesn't matter - just something you've enjoyed. :)


  1. Thanks for another shout out. I was kid-sitting all day and haven't had time to look at the comments. I'm interested in them, and in Zoe's answer. A lot of us are going on this journey together.

  2. I've been meaning to thank you for sending me over to Avery's place to read her Junket City story. I've been enjoying that so much.

  3. I've been on a kind of nostalgia trip lately. I'm finding it enjoyable, but at times horribly sad.

  4. You're welcome, Edie. It will be fun to see where it all leads.

    Travis - you're welcome. Avery's great. :)

    Charles - I hope you find more happiness than sorrow.

  5. I would say this; Don't be afraid to use high contrast when painting. Sometimes it's even a requirement.

  6. Very good point, Lana. I've been finding that in digital art recently, too.

    I really like your "birds on white" series of paintings, and they do a good job of illustrating your point. :)

  7. Lately I've been so down that I'd make a Bergman film look cheery. And every time I overcome one obstacle, another seems to present itself.

    Oddly, this leaves me all the more determined...

  8. Oh no, Steve, I thought you regenerated after your surgery! C'mon now, you can beat those dastardly Daleks - you always have. :)

    I'm so sorry to hear you've been down. Sending virtual hugs to you and the Dynamo and hoping things get better soon. Like immediately.


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