Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scream for Halloween - UPDATED

September 15th starts the "big reveal" of the Artistic Halloween Queens "Queen for Day" giveaway.  We'll be giving away 31 in 31 days plus a big Halloween Gift Basket at the end, so stop by to check out how you can enter to win. :)


That is the correct address above - I had posted the wrong one before. Sorry!  If you click on the calendar in that link, you can see full size versions of the items that we're giving away.  I think mine is on day 19 (don't remember at the moment) - it's a a pumpkin queen "make-do."  (A "make-do" is where you make do with you have around the house [in this case, a refurbished soap dispenser] in order to create a craft item.)

There are lots of great prizes - go ahead, throw your name in the hat! :)


  1. Thanks, Charles. I updated the link - you don't have to go through as many hoops for this one. :)

  2. Excellent! You know I love everything having to do with Halloween!!

  3. Good luck, Ave - I hope you win something! :)


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