Thursday, March 31, 2011

Magical Mondays on a Thursday Evening

In the realm of "you never know what life will bring", I found this video last night. 

It's JK Rowling just after she finished writing the second Harry Potter which hadn't come out yet, and she was working on the third.  What I loved most was her excitement when she says (speaking of the first book the year it was out) "I sold 30,000 books in the UK which was just phenomenal." :)

Little did she know she'd be selling about that many per day just a few years later.  Enjoy and be inspired. :)


  1. I saw it before, but it's good to see it again. I think she's a genius.

  2. She is definitely a writer who I don't begrudge any of her success.

  3. I agree with Charles. I would love to have her follow up to write something distinct from Harry Potter which readers will enjoy without wishing for simply more stories about Harry and his world.

  4. Edie, I agree.

    Charles, me neither. I think she earned every penny.

    Travis, that would be something, wouldn't it? :)


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