Sunday, September 25, 2011

Magical Mondays on a Sunday - The Creative Process

Occasionally, something a little strange will happen with my art or writing. These are things that I normally wouldn't tell anyone about because they might start to question my sanity.  I certainly would never mention them my doctor, lol.  And yet, I've heard tales of others with similar experiences.  Those who spoke of characters who refused to act a certain way (and I thought the writer was cracked until it happened to me), and some who spoke of "voices in their heads, talking so fast they had to hurry to write it all down" and how they "sometimes had to tell those characters to either stop talking or come back later."  I really worried about those writers.

Until it happened to me.

The other day I had just come home from work, put my backpack down, and was getting ready to fix dinner when WHAM.  This woman started talking very clearly in my head and I ran to get to the computer because here is what she was telling me:

They say the Devil is in the details, but I’ve never been too detail oriented, which might explain why, when the Prince of Darkness came calling one Saturday night, I had no idea who I was dealing with. Or rather, with whom.  Yeah, that detail I get.  The Grammar Maven, that’s me. No, really, it is.  At least, during my day job at the Milford Herald.  (But just between you and me, I like to leave work at work, ya know? So don’t hold this against me.)
Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Dancing with The Devil. He strode into Billy Goatz Bar-n-Grill pretty as you please and told me to dance. With him.  That’s right; he didn’t ask. He commanded. And struck as I was by those big blue eyes with long, dark lashes, and deep, deep dimples next to the sexiest smile you’ve ever seen, well...what’s a girl to do?  I danced. 
With him.
For him.
Because of him.
As the night wore on, he told me his name was Rob. Which turned out to be true.  Because before daybreak, he’d robbed me of both my virtue and my sanity.
See, while I was boogying with Beelzebub, one of his henchmen stole my little sister.

Now, I have NO idea where that came from.  Is it from another book I read sometime and just don't recall?  I truly don't know.  If any of it sounds familiar to any of you, I'd like to know.  I'd hate to be plagiarizing someone and not even know it.  And I have to wonder if that woman's voice is just my own "inside my head reading voice" repeating something I've read and stored subconsciously.

But now I'm intrigued by the story.  I only got that little bit before the voice went away, but then a day or two later she added this:

Now, even if I have to die and go to Hell to get her back, I’ll do it.
And. Make. Him. Pay.

But dangit, no more news since then.  And while I really like this start, I need more than this. But since I'm not sure where this came from, or where it's going, I'm letting it sit and continuing to work on my Midnight Ink WIP that I'd posted here before.

Anybody else have weird writing moments?


  1. OMG. I love the first bit. But the second 2 sentences brought it up to a whole 'nother level. You need to write this book!

    And, yes, I do have these moments. Not all of them end up with books, but when it happens, it's like a spark of magic. And I love a bit of magic.

  2. Thanks, Edie. I want to write it, but I really only have the vaguest notion of where it's going. I'm waiting for that chick to get back and tell me the rest of the story. Like a female Paul Harvey. :)

    It is like magic, isn't it? I'm glad you have it happen.

  3. Yeah, I worry about those kinds of writers. :)

  4. LOL, Charles. I'm a bit worried, myself.

  5. Well dear, give that gal a call! That's a heck of a hook. Get her to tell you some more.

    BTW - I'm one of those writers. It can be great when the characters are talking, but it sucks when they shut up.

  6. Travis - I've tried, but she won't call me back!

    Glad to know I'm not alone in this. :)

  7. Don't they have programs now to catch students who plagiarize? Always tempted to get that program, when the words come too fast and furious and it doesn't sound like me.

    Lost a dear friend once. Just lost contact. Then saw him frolicking in the water in Monte Carlo in a daily photo blog. How's that for weird. Now I know why he doesn't answer the phone.


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