Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter is Coming...

So said the Starks.  (For those of you who don't get the reference, it's from "Game of Thrones")

Anyway, it's currently 12 degrees and snowing here.  I thought it wasn't supposed to snow when it got that cold?  What gives?

I think it also speaks to the winter of my life - I swear that last night I came up with a good topic for posting today, but for the life of me, now I can't remember what it was! Getting old...

What's new in your neck of the woods?  The weather treating you ok?

I'm thinking of doing another "boob wish month" - anyone want to join me?


  1. It's freezing and snowing. I'm glad my husband isn't going to work today. My dog's rope has frozen into a figure 8. I need to go out and straighten it out - but I don't want to!

  2. I think we get the same weather, Edie. I hope your dog isn't frozen along with the rope! :)

  3. Our weather is pretty good actually. Amazingly good. but you probably don't want to hear that. :)

  4. You're right, Charles. I don't want to hear it. :)

  5. Winter came and kicked our tails. Now that the snow has moved on, we can settle in for our basic wintry dose of rain and high wind.

    12 degrees? There's only one word for that. Brrrr.

  6. Brrr is right, Travis! Sorry to hear Old Man Winter hasn't been very kind to you either. Stay warm and dry!


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