Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year, some new things, some seem like old times

Well, it appears it is time for my New Year posting where I say that I either quit my job or got a new one. :)

Well, once again, I've done both--or rather, am about to do both.  Due to all the same things that were happening last year, I've decided to once more go rogue.  I'll be leaving my current full-time position on January 20th (my birthday present to me) and freelancing as an instructional designer (which I've been doing on the side for the past couple of months, anyway.)  One of the side contracts is offering me more projects as well as the ability to work from home full time, so I'm going with it.  Am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, have been working on my writing again and have gone in a new direction with a new name. Kate Sterling isn't going anywhere, but will be more dedicated to lighter fare: light, contemporary romance and comedic paranormal romance.

So... drum roll please... I now introduce to you the darker side of Kate Sterling: Keri Armstrong, where the focus will be more on urban fantasy, mystery/suspense, and dark paranormal romance for both adults and young adults. 


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