Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And still plugging away...

Well, I'm now just 2 scenes and a brief epilogue away from finishing a short story that I plan to submit to Aphrodite's Apples' Arcadia anthology.

It's the first story in many years that I've written entirely by hand. It was nice to have the portability of a notebook, but now I've got to transcribe it all into the computer. Bummer. I should have used my Alphasmart...

The main problem I'll have with moving the work from paper to computer is actually finding the time when my daughter isn't looking over my shoulder -- something that usually only takes place I'm too tired type anyway.

I wonder how other writers of erotica deal with youngsters in the house? She and I currently share a computer since hers is still in Arizona with her uncle, so I have to be careful to hide my files and ebooks where I wouldn't expect her to look. I generally password-protect my own writing, and have set up a separate log in for her, but when I'm trying to write during the times I actually have the energy, it's a bit hard to minimize the screen every time she walks in the room and maintain my writing "flow". Unfortunately, saying, "I'm working, don't bother me" just doesn't cut it. :)


  1. That sounds frustrating, Rebecca. My kids are 4 and 18 months, so I don't have that problem, LOL. Even though I don't write erotic stuff, I don't think I'd want my daughter reading any of my sex scenes until she's really much, much older. Interesting problem.

  2. Hi Michelle - thanks for stopping by - nice to see you in this neck of the woods. :)

    Well, I suppose the good news is that your children are so young, you can train them now! (grin) I think it's too late for me - our bad habits are pretty much set in stone at this point.

  3. Thanks for the welcome, Rebecca :)Jody Wallace wrote a very funny blog once about things she needs to remember being a writer. One of them was not to give her three year old scrap paper with a sex scene on the other side, as it may end up a picture given to their neighbour's little girl. The thought of that scene had me giggling for ages :)


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