Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moving right along...

Well, I've added a new excerpt to my website - October Moon. I hope to soon re-do the whole site with two sections: one for sweet romance, and one for steamy. This version of the October Moon excerpt is one I submitted it to contest junkies, but I think they thought even this one was too much for the web. It's funny to me, because this is a very much toned down version from the original! Oh, well. You can't please everybody. :)


  1. No, you can't please them all. *lol* Oh wow... that's a tone-down version of the original one? I'd burst in fire if I read the original then.

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  3. Thanks, Tempest - that's really high praise considering the source! :)

    I just received an email from one of the contest coordinators this morning saying if I tone it down some more, they might be able to resubmit it. Unfortunately, I just can't do that - Miriam's visions are integral to the story. Oh, well.

    At least they put Miranda's Magic through, and I received some nice feedback on it. (Another good thing about this is that it forced me reread what I had posted and I found a grammatical error I had missed - the never ending process of revisions - argh!) lol

    By the way, I love your website - it's very well done. Enduring Promise sounds great - can't wait to read it, but right now I have to get back to my day job. :)


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