Sunday, November 26, 2006


Since my first published story is due to come out as an e-book, I decided to make a little list of well-known and up-and-coming authors who had their start in epublishing. The list is by no means comprehensive - it consists of just a few names that came to mind right away. Some of these writers even have books out that you can find in your local supermarket - not just in bookstores.

To start (in no particular order):

Cheyenne McCray/Debbie Federici
Mary Janice Davidson
Jennifer Ashley/Allyson James
Linnea Sinclair
Angela Knight
Susan Sizemore
Lisa Renee Jones

To continue:
(The following authors have made names for themselves in the e-publishing world and have quite a following, some of them also have their books in print)

Mackenzie McKade (she also co-writes with Cheyenne McCray, so you can find her in your local Barnes & Noble)
Tina Gerow
Denise Agnew
Dakota Cassidy
Alley Blue
Ciar Cullen
CJ England
Vijaya Schartz
Lena Matthews
Maggie Casper
Rae Monet
Maya Banks/Sharon Long
Shiloh Walker
Kate Steele
Jaci Burton
Kate Hill
Lora Leigh
Jordan Summers
Lena Austin
Jaycee Clark

And let us not forget:

Jaid Black - she started Ellora's Cave to sell her own books and look at her now!


  1. Quite an impressive list! Here's to adding your name right up there with them! :)

  2. Thanks, Amy! By the way, I love the work you and your husband do (both the writing and the websites - you're on my list of "whom to contact" when I'm ready for a professional site and I recommend you to everyone.) :)

  3. Thanks for posting this, Kate. Like Amy says, very impressive. Listening to the Atlanta publishers spotlights, I heard several editors proudly say they bought an e-pubbed author's book. I think epubs take more chances than the NY publishers. When the author or the subgenre becomes popular, then the NY publishers want the same thing. :)

  4. Thanks, Amy. One of these days I'm going to make that list. :)


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