Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just say no...

Well, I've fought the fine fight, just not to the finish. I've realized there is just no way I can complete Nano this month. I will persevere with the writing and finish my story, but I seriously doubt I'll reach the 50K word count by the end of the month. I'm disappointed, but not going to be too hard on myself.

There have just been so many unexpected things that came up this month on the work and home fronts that I haven't been able to dedicate the amount of time necessary to finish, so like Elisabeth Naughton and Shanna Swendson, I'm backing down until further notice. I'll be joining the "Non-Conformist Novel Writing Month in January" (See Shanna's blog) when things will (I hope!) be back to normal...ish.

(And hey, wasn't it a group of young men ((20-30 somethings)) with lots of time on their hands and no families who thought it was a good idea to do this thing November? That says a lot.)

In the meantime, I need to do some revisions on the piece awaiting publication, my "to critique" files are backed up, and I'll continue with my WIP.

The good news is that I have a cool new witch's hat to wear for inspiration while I write. :) It seems to be working, too; though I really ought to take the tags off - I look more like a deranged Minnie Pearl than a wise Minerva McGonagall. :)

Last view from the webcam before it went dark:


  1. Kate, I give you credit for trying. I wanted to, but knew I had to revise.

    Funny about the group of young men with no families starting this in November. I thought it was a lousy month to do NaNo in. Maybe in January I'll join you and the others. :)

  2. Kate,

    I didn't think I was going to make it for NaNo either... but it is looking better since I switched stories last week. This first one stalled out and I started the new one for BIW... then in a moment of angst over the NaNo not getting attended to, I thought... well, heck, what a silly goose I am. I have twice as many words on the BIW one, so why not switch to that story and make it my NaNo project? I started it on BIW Monday (that was the 6th right?) and I am up to 30,000 words already. Made my BIW goal too of 200 pages but only just. I was sweating that one right up to the wire. So hang in there and just keep typing away... remember BIC HOK TAM!!

    Also I find if you take the time to go back and read over what you've written, you catch things and can inject new stuff (and life) into the project. Little threads are hanging there waiting to be tweaked. And it's mazing how many words add up when you are doing that.

    But it IS a long hard slog, eh? My output uised to be soooo much better, but I am slowly getting it back, thank goodness!!

    Good luck and write me if you want to chat about more ways to get to it and do it.

  3. Thanks, Edie. I think having this in Novemeber was only slightly less sadistic than having it in December. January seems much better. :)

    Wow, Chaos - I'm impressed! That's amazing.

  4. Kate, I applaud your efforts! You fought the fight IMO. Had to smile at the men's calendar choice there. Yeah, like they have a million things to do during that busy time. lol. Unless one of them is Santa, it doesn't "fly" with me.

  5. LOL, LaDonna - love the Santa comment. Aint it the truth? :)

    I'm still slogging my way through, but I don't see making 50K by month's end. I did however, manage to finish a synopsis for another book and the agent query letter to go with it. Now I just have to finish the story they reference...

    Repeat after me: BIC HOK TAM
    Butt In Chair...Hands On Keyboard...Typing Away Madly...


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