Saturday, September 15, 2007

Holy Mackeral!

It just occurred to me that Nanowrimo is upon us again. Can a year have passed already? I was saddened to see that it was time for the Golden Heart entries again, too - I had told myself last year that I would have something to enter. Gracious, time does fly and, as usual, I'm unprepared.

Oh, well. How are the rest of you doing with your goals from this past year? There are only have a couple of months left of 2007 - still not over, but time to get on the stick if you haven't done so already!


  1. Yeah, this year really has flown by, hasn't it? And I'm just going to have to admit--from October to the end of December, well, that is just my least productive time. I get too busy day dreaming about the holidays. Sigh. But I do think I am going to try to write one more novel before the year ends. Now please note that I said "try"--my frantic present shopping my delay me a bit!

  2. LOL, Cynthia! Me too on the holiday fun. And Kate, time does fly. I can't believe 2008 is upon us. I'll be deep in the edit process pre-holiday. And like Cynthia here, I so want to add another novel to my list of to-do things. Maybe a rough draft pre-2008. I'm inspired, thanks y'all!

  3. I haven't had any good ideas on existing projects, and so have made no progress.

    For that reason, I probably won't sign up for Nanowrimo. If the ideas aren't there, I just get frustrated and that closes my mind even more.

    Excuses? Absolutely! But best wishes to those who do get some writing done.

  4. Normally I would have had an idea for the nano, but I don't. I'm surprised that it came back so soon. Goal wise, I'm making progress, but sometimes I feel like I'm going about it extremely slow.

  5. Cynthia - a whole new novel by years end? You inspire me!

    LaDonna - at least you have something to edit! I haven't finished anything lately.

    Travis - I feel your pain.

    Christina - hello again! At least you're making progress - good for you! :)

  6. My goal is to land another contract before the end of the year. So far, I've got two things on submission row and a third I'm trying to finish the edits on before the end of the month. At this point, it's gonna be tight.

  7. I started a book (not quite 10K done) that I want to finish by the end of the year. So I'd better get writing!

    What are your goals, Kate?

  8. Marcia - good luck with the contracts!

    Edie - ooh, a new book! Have fun. :)

    My goals? Right now I'm concentrating on not going bankrupt or becoming homeless. :) I'm also seriously working on losing weight - lost 10 lbs so far. My daughter asked me the other day if I was losing weight and I SO grateful until I realized she immediately followed that statement with a request to go shopping! Lol, somehow, I doubted her sincerity.

    Ah, well. There are two stories I'd like to finish by Dec. 31. One is a short story - about 2/3 done, the other a category length novel that's about 1/3 done. Not sure if I'll make those or not, since I suspect I may have to start searching for another day job by the end of next month. And there's just no way I'll torture myself with trying to do Nano in November. Not unless I win the lottery. :)

    Such is life.

  9. Kate/Becky, good going on the weight loss. I lost weight for Dallas, but then I inched back up again. I'm on the diet again - sigh - and now I'm almost back to my Dallas weight.

    I hope your life takes a big turn-around, and it would be nice if you win the lottery too. It's time for some good karma to start coming your way.


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