Saturday, September 08, 2007

Just Had to Share

I was doing a bit of research for something I wanted to blog about and came across these great articles. Though they are written for screenwriters, they apply to any type of fiction. I considered doing a breakdown of each, but they can explain it so much more eloquently than I, so go... read them. You'll be glad you did.

On writing great love stories:

On using the mind to create success (a Magical Monday on Saturday:)

On creating great characters:


  1. Excellent articles, Kate! I really like the one about the quintessential character.

    I've never heard of Writers Store, but I'm certainly bookmarking it now. THANKS!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Kate! Like Marcia, this puppy is marked. LOL.

  3. Kate, the article on using your mind to create success is awesome. I've read entire books on creating success that didn't have as much meat.

    I'd write more, but I have to go out to my back yard and yell, "I'm a bestselling writer!"

  4. Great links! Btw, I got behind on my comments a week or so back, and I'm sure you didn't go back to see me finally wish you good luck on the no day job venture!

    And the book you mentioned to me, I have to tell you. I still have that post you did on it (The Power of Hope) in my blog reader. It just stays there. It's my favorite post of yours. :-)

  5. Marcia & LaDonna - I'm so glad I found this site. The essays are great, I just keep learning as I go through them. It is definitely on my "favorites" list too.

    Edie - too funny. Shout it loud! :)

    Spyscribbler - Aw, thanks. :)

  6. Thanks for the links, Kate. It's so nice to get new information without having to work for it!

  7. Kewl thanks for sharing Kate..I just dont want to write love stories anytime soon, puke...hihhih:)

  8. Hi, Kate! Thank you so much for reading my LJ. I also realized that I really didn't want to broadcast something so personal via the Basement Bulletin; I'm completely fine with you having found "FI" (I hesitate to write out the full name), but now wish that I had set my username to something ... else ... because I want at least an illusion of semi-privacy (and at the same time want to share my thoughts with others; a tough conflict to resolve).

  9. Yes, Avery - isn't it nice when someone else does all the work for us? :)

    Oh, Etain - one day, you'll see! lol

    Anders... privacy...on the internet? ;) I do understand though.

  10. Very handy articles -- thanks for leading me to the site, I think I'll become a regular.

    WHat do you mean the internet is not private? Only ones here're me and the computer ...

  11. Hi Kevin! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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