Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, the press release came this morning and I can't say I was surprised. I've been expecting it for a while. Aphrodite's Apples has closed.

I'm sad, but I had already mentally prepared myself for it. And thus far, the people in charge do seem to be trying to do the right thing. It's just sad that they weren't able to make a go of it. I feel bad for all involved on both sides. They were a fun group to work with.

Now it's onward, upward, get my rights back and maybe even rework that story to make it better. :)

Asi es la vida.


  1. *hugs*

    I'm sorry! Onward and upward ... definitely upward for you!

  2. Lately I've been really scared about that part about the closing of companies. I hear that a lot of companies will close, but keep the rights to the books. I'm glad you were able to get your rights back, and I'm sorry to hear that it closed.

  3. That's too bad. On the up side, I now have a collector's item! Yep, the conversation always has to come back around to me...

    Seriously, sorry for the loss. On to greater heights!

  4. "On the up side, I now have a collector's item"

    LOL, that's one way to look at it, Avery!

  5. Damn. I knew there was someone I knew who had written for them. I'm soooo sorry to hear that, girlfriend. When I come up your way in April/May, expect a real hug.

  6. Becky, you'll find something better, but hugs anyway.

    I see great things ahead for you.:)

  7. I second what Edie said! Where one door closes, dammit, kick another one open! ;-)

  8. Edie - from your mouth (keyboard) to God's ears! :)

    Nice attitude, Marcia. But I wouldn't expect less from you. :)

    Actually, another door did open on the very same day I got the closing announcement. I don't feel at liberty to discuss it right now, but will say that it was a welcome opportunity. :)


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