Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sales and Promotions

I've been a little under the weather lately (figuratively and literally - sick and snowed in), so I haven't been online much. However, I read a couple of interesting blogs - two at The Gab Wagon (11/30 and 12/4) on e- vs. print publishing, which was enlightening, encouraging and depressing all at the same time! Cheyenne McCray's blog at The Midnight Hour on self-promotion was also very good. (She's one who went from being e-pubbed to a USA Today Bestselling author, so I trust her judgment.) :)


  1. Kate, I hope you're feeling better now. We had snow here in Wisconsin too -- and it looks like we're getting some more tonight and tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for the link to The Gab Wagon. The two blogs were very interesting.

  2. Thanks, Edie - I think I'm (finally!) getting over it. :)

    I just hope it doesn't snow when I'm supposed to go to AZ at the end of the month - I'd hate to have my flight cancelled! (And don't you have a sister coming in from there, or am I thinking of someone else? Maybe we'll pass in the air.) :)

    Those blogs managed to excite and depress me at the same time. :) I've decided to just look at it as a "your mileage may vary" thing and not worry about it.


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