Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Thanks to the lovely Michelle Diener, I've been tagged to fill out the following...

Four jobs I've had:
Homemaker :)
Credit Analyst
Office Manager
Tech writer/editor/web content manager (all part of the same job)

Four favorite foods:
Chicken mole
Quonset pizza (restaurant 20 miles away - I drive there just for the pizza)
Pad Thai

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Love Actually
Truly Madly Deeply
Harry Potter (all of them)
Pride and Prejudice

TV Shows I enjoy:
Mystery (PBS - pretty much all of their mystery series)


Four places I've traveled:
After reading about all the great places other people have been, I'm embarrassed to say I've never been out of the states!

Nevertheless, I've seen quite a bit of my own country, so to pick just four favorites: Tennessee, Arizona, Virginia, Minnesota

Four websites I visit daily:
I visit Magical Musings and MySpace every day, but there are many websites and blogs that I visit several times a week to see if there's anything new, such as (in no particular order):

Edie Ramer
Michelle Diener
Liz Kreger
Lynne Simpson
The Gab Wagon
Karin Tabke
Amy Knupp
Delightful Chaos
Writ 72
(Whom I would have tagged, but I'll excuse her because she's been ill lately) :)
HH Self
Sabrina Luna
Kayleigh Jamison
Candice Gilmore
HS Kinn
The Midnight Hour

And many more . . .

Four people I'm tagging to do this (and I do hope they'll forgive me!) :)
Chaos Delight
Sabrina Luna
Vincent (HH Self)

Hmm... I'm starting to see why I never get anything done - too much darned time on the Internet! :)


  1. I feel the same way about spending too much time on the Internet. And I debated putting down Pride & Prejudice, but even though the movie was excellent, I still loved the book more.

  2. Oh, well the books are always better. :)

    Do you suppose that's what they'll say when our books hit the big screen? *g*

  3. I sure hope so, Rebecca! But I'd still like the movie to make lots of money and have some kind of royalty arrangement on it ;).

    Thanks for being a good sport on the tag :).

  4. No problem, Michelle. Actually, thanks for thinking of me. :)

    Yes, lots of money and royalties would be good. :)


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