Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, there's only today and tomorrow left of my two week challenge and I've had to spend over a week of it working 12-15 hour days for other people, hence I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be.

Such is life. Nevertheless, I did get a little more work done, lost one more pound (hooray - finally broke through that plateau) and even wrote another page on the short erotica piece I had put on hold. I just couldn't stand seeing all three of those blue bars staying in the same place week after week. :)

Oh, well. NaNoWriMo starts Thursday, so I'll just keep plugging away through November. How are the rest of you doing?


  1. Pretty good. I'm at 20,000 words, but I had hoped to finish this (40,000 words) by Nov. 1. Hopefully I'll have some great days and just start nano a couple days late.

  2. Congratulations on the pound! I gained 2. Sniff. It was those damned fun sized candybars. It doesn't seem like I had a fun time now.

    I'm doing better with my writing. I wrote more than 12K last week. I should finish the first draft in a week.

  3. Edie & Spy, sounds like you're both doing great. :)

  4. I'm not involved in the challenge, Kate, but I found that taking a much-needed break from writing during our recent vacation was really rejuvenating. Getting back to the manuscript after 10-days away from it was good because the words and ideas flowed more easily.

  5. Now that cartoon guy looks like me!!!

  6. Daisy, glad your vacaction rejuvenated you. Your Halloween poem is the bomb! :) Thanks for stopping by!

    Travis, it looks like me too!

  7. I'm about as productive as that potato snoring in front of the computer. One or two short stories published a year. But what the hey, I've got one helluva paper trail.

  8. I feel like I'm just staring at the same bars too. I haven't been able to stay up all night yet, I keep getting too tired.

  9. All right, girlfriend. It's after NaNoWriMo. We want those final results.

  10. Hey, JR - one or two short stories a year is nothing to sneeze at!

    Christina, I know all about the fatigue. :(

    Marcia, updates coming soon. Sadly, not what I'd like them to be, but such is life. I gave it my best, which is what the challenge was about. I did what I could in the time alloted (if I hadn't had real life interfere I could have done better, but oh, well.)

    Ok, well, if I'm honest, I have to say there were maybe two days I could have done better. :P But the rest were what I could do at the time so I have to be satisfied with that.

    And super kudos to you on your new contract! :)

  11. I'm doing good (as far as painting goes.) My problem is that the local "powers that be" have already decided that what I do "isn't art." Fortunately I'm smart & individual enough to ignore them. :)

  12. Yeah, Lana, I read about that on your blog. I've seen your artwork - screw 'em. :) They don't know what they're talking about.

    It's kinda like the RWA deciding I'm not a "real writer" and my publisher isn't a "real publisher."

    Oh, well. They can think what they like. Of course, they won't be getting any more membership dues from me, seeing how I'm not a real writer.


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