Friday, October 26, 2007


Quick update - still working hard for everyone else, not much time for me. I did get in a couple of words today - only 3 pages, but every little bit helps, right? I hope to take tomorrow as a painting day and Sunday as a writing day. Let's see if I can get as much done this weekend as I did the last one. That should help make up for the couple of days I had to miss.

From reading your blogs, it looks like everyone else is hard at work too. We're all getting closer to the finish line - keep up the good work!

Remember: "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." --Richard Bach

And if you need more inspiration, make sure you have The Write Attitude. :)

Now, since I'm really tired, I'm off to relax a bit.


  1. I've been watching your progress meter and decided to open my novel. I didn't write anything new. It's still stuck in the place where I got stuck earlier in the year.

    But I ran the word count. How can I write 149,363 words and not be finished?


  2. Wow, Travis, that's amazing. And here I'd feel good if I just made it over 60! lol

    Is there any way you can write from a point forward or backward in the story, or another character's POV or miscellaneous scene or something?

    I find that sometimes helps to shake things loose for me. Just make a note of what needs fixed where you're stuck, and switch to a different place. In fact, I might have to do that this weekend with my own.

  3. Becky, I'm glad you're still making progress. I was busy today but wrote 4 pages tonight. I hope to write a couple more before I quit for the night. I should get more done tomorrow - except between 3 - 6pm when the trick or treaters come!

  4. Yeah, I'm working hard. I was a bit fizzled out on Thursday, but today was an awesome writing day. (Terrible health day, but really awesome writing day.) I'm up to 15 or 16K, but I need to be at 40K by October 31, 11:59.

    I'm determined that November is going to be my novel, darnitall. Really. No excuses. I must. I hope. No, I will.

  5. Kate - That's good advice, and I've done that in places. In fact, that's actually how I wrote the pivotal scenes of the climax. I guess I need to buckle down and do more of that.

  6. Good luck, Rebecca, I hope you manage both. I'm getting a bit behind with my word count, but I'm not going to let it worry me until Monday, when I plan to buckle down again.

  7. Oh, and I went to writertopia, and you can change the word count total by adding &target=90000 or whatever your target is after the words=40000. :)

  8. Hi, Kate! Hope you're having a good writing day! :-)
    And I hope the painting day went well, too!

  9. EDIE - Slooooooooow progress, Edie, thanks to the new job, but I'm still trying. You've just been on fire, lady. :)

    SPY - I read about your health scare - so sorry! I'm glad you managed to have an awesome day in spite of it. You can finish that novel, I know you can.

    TRAVIS - That's the spirit! :)

    MICHELLE - I'm behind too, but the main thing is to keep plugging away. How funny - I didn't even think to TRY to change it! LOL, I just thought it was part of the picture. Doh.

    CYNTHIA - Hey, Cynthia! Thanks. I got most of a painting done, but less of the writing.

    I just told someone else that I managed to write several more fabulous pages, but the only problem was that I was asleep at the time. If dream writing counts, I could update my meters. :)

  10. Hey Kate! Just wanted to say, although I didn't get work done on my novel like I wanted, I did plow through 200 plus pages of line edits. Does that count? Hey, I'm pretty happy about it, and my editor will love that I'm making tracks. LOL.

    Thanks for the inspiration, GF!

  11. LADONNA - That absolutely counts! Congratulations. :)

    I'll try to get my updates in tonight or tomorrow.


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