Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Hello again. :) Edie, I haven't forgotten about you - just been super busy. I haven't made any more progress on my story (sadly) but I've made progress in other areas. I've lost 4 more pounds, sold 3 craft pieces on eBay (I updated my main website if you'd like to take a look) and have a job interview next week that looks like it's going to work out. (I'd be working in another hospital with my former supervisor - I loved her, just not where we worked before.) I'll keep you posted. As soon as my eBay auctions end and I get everything shipped this week, I'm going to settle down and finish that novella! I promise. I'll have to check out everyone else's progress in a few minutes - hope you are all busy tapping away at the keyboards!

Now, the dear Edie Ramer tagged me to list eight random fact about myself, so let's see what I can come up with.

  1. I'm homeschooling my teenage daughter this year. So far, we're using an unschooling method while she gets away from the public school mentality. We'll see how it goes. (See the "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" by Grace Llewellyn for the why of that.)
  2. I just starting making Halloween crafts in the last couple of months - a departure from the fine arts I've been used to.
  3. I have a large collection of Harry Potter memorabilia. Professor Snape is my favorite.
  4. I love men with big noses. (Could explain the Snape fascination, lol)
  5. I speak Spanish fluently, understand most Italian, and know a few words of Russian.
  6. I miss my cat. My friend said if I say this one more time she's going to slap me, since all I ever did was complain about that demon cat from hell - so don't tell anyone I said so. :)
  7. I believe in the power of the mind to alter circumstances.
  8. I am so severely sleep deprived right now I can't think of an eighth fact. :)

Seriously, I need to sleep. Just the other day, I misspelled my own name. It's that bad. 8-)


  1. I like your number 7 and give you cyber hugs on 8. I understand the feeling.

  2. Becky, hugs on your cat. My dog is driving me crazy. She's way too high energy and jerks me around when I walk her. But I know I'll miss her like crazy if anything happens to her - which will be years from now, I hope, as she's just 8 years old.

    Alan Rickman is my favorite character in the HP movies. It's not his nose with me, it's his voice. :)

    It sounds like things are looking up for you. Yay, you! Now get some sleep! lol

  3. Thanks, Mel. :)

    Edie, for me it's Rickman's nose, voice, you-name-it. *big grin* There's just something about him...
    But I also loved Rowling's description of Snape in the big - black hair, deep set dark eyes, large, hooked nose - when I first read that, I thought, "wow, he's hot!" LOL

  4. That is, Rowling's description in the BOOK. Where did I get big? I told you I need some sleep! :D

  5. High-five on #7, which is somewhat connected to why I think women are crazy (#5 on my list). And those are some pretty crafts on your website. Very nice!

  6. Awww, I hope you get some sleep! I went to your ebay page; beautiful! If I had any money right now, I'd be there! Will you keep letting us know when you list stuff?

    So cool about the homeschooling. I've always wanted to homeschool my kids. Heck, I always wanted to have kids!

  7. Thanks, Marcia. And I hear you on the crazy part. :)

    Thanks, Spy. You are so funny. Hey, I offered Marcia my daughter, but she declined, so she's still up for grabs. You'd only have to pay for shipping and handling. ;)

    I've just sold another piece (well, it's in the auction process being bid on right now) - a Halloween game table. You can see pictures of it here.

    I have to admit that I'm really nervous about these pieces. It's a new style and medium for me, so I'm a little insecure about them.

  8. Good luck with your crafts, Rebecca! And get some sleep. As the mother of two small children, I know what lack of sleep feels like only too well.

  9. As Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, I'll be checking out your wares.

    I had a cat that was batshit crazy. I mean really, really crazy. I cursed his existence every day of his life. Then, he upped and died. Now I miss the furry bastard.

  10. Oh, I remember the small children days only too well, Michelle. I'm feeling as if I'm there again. :)

    Avery, I have a feeling my stuff won't be dark enough for you. Maybe I'll do something just for you. :)

  11. Kate, I hope you get your rest, GF! And my youngest homeschools her two children, her hubby is career military and they travel a lot. I think she'd do it regardless, though. Good luck on the job too.

  12. Big noses, huh? Never heard that one before. That's cool.

  13. Thanks, LaDonna. I still need some sleep. Not sure what's going on around here - my daughter and I have turned into insomniacs. Probably doesn't help that we're both up.

    Thanks, for stopping by, Rhea. I even had a blog just on my nose fetish. ;)

  14. "Avery, I have a feeling my stuff won't be dark enough for you. Maybe I'll do something just for you."

    Oooh, promise??

  15. Okay, now reading those eight things, I could have responded in a juvenile fashion, making some absurd statement about the size of mens' noses. I could have talked about Halloween crafts and again have fallen into a juvenile riff making all manner of allusions to things that would have given Freud gas. I could have.....

    But instead, let me just nod and say: "Interesting. Snapes, huh? Spanish? Hmmm."

  16. I loved reading this. I miss my bird Sallie, so I know how you feel. I think about Sallie so often and she departed from me almost a year now.

  17. Avery, I'll try.

    Stewart, I appreciate your restraint. Besides, I've been around long enough to know it isn't really the size of the nose that counts - it's how well they can breathe with it.

    Hi, Christina! Good to see you. :)


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