Wednesday, October 11, 2006

And he wins by a nose!

Not long ago, I was at my brother's house watching a nature program on Proboscis Monkeys. The narrator commented how the female monkeys prefer big-nosed males for mating, and it became apparent to me why I've always been attracted to big-nosed men: I'm obviously just not very evolved. :)

Seriously, the bigger the beak, the weaker my knees. Don't know why, it just does it for me. Alan Rickman, Adrien Brody, Gerard Depardieu...heck, even Jimmy Durante.


  1. Testing. Just received two emails from people who tried to post to the blog but were unable. Darn it.

  2. Good, now I can answer this. I must give my opinion on big-nosed men. And Alan Rickman.

    I love him, although I think more because he's a great actor than because of his nose, lol. But sometimes I look at a pretty actio, like Brad Pitt, and think his nose looks too feminine. I like them better when they don't look prettier than the leading ladies.

  3. I agree, Edie. Brad is cute, but he's a little "too cute" for me. (And of course, there was that whole Angelina/Jennifer thing, too, but I won't go there. :))
    I'm glad you're finally able to post! I don't know what's been going on with the blog lately. I was worried whether people would still have trouble commenting since I used a new template.


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