Thursday, October 12, 2006


I received an email today reminding me that next month is National Novel Writing Month. This will be my first time participating and I'm excited. I'm looking at it as a way to finally turn off my internal editor and just speed through that first draft.

Unless, of course, I receive a contract from a certain publisher, in which case I hope I'll be making revisions and getting ready to be published, soon thereafter to be an international success and multi-millionaire like J.K. Rowling. (Hey, a gal can dream, can't she? *grin* )


  1. Yay, I can comment now! LOL, glad you fixed it.

    I'm hosting a BIAW next week for the Elements group. I have too much going on to do a Nano next month, although everyone else has a lot going on and they make it okay.

    I hope you receive that contract -- aoon!

  2. Cool - good luck May - with all of your projects. :)

  3. Hey, Kate, I found your place! LOL. I'm doing Edie's BIAW too, so Nano will have to waito. (corny alert!) And, it'll be fun comparing Boob Wishes don't ya think? hehe.

    LaDonna :)

  4. LaDonna! Glad to see you in this neck of the woods. I lost my boob wishes somewhere along the way - does this mean I'm out of luck? Or can I start over with 3 more? ;)
    No matter, I still remember the original three - I can write them down again.

  5. Too funny, Kate! I lost them in my sleep one night. Yep, had the little bugger in my cami. I woke up and it was gone. I thought the same thing. Uh, oh... But, they were tangled in the covers. I wrote them on this little piece of post-it (purple). hehe. And I folded it so it doesn't stick to skin. Maybe I should've kept the sticky side up?? LOL.

  6. You are so funny. If your husband was fishing for wishes in your bra, I can't imagine what he might think to find you in bed covered in purple post-it notes! (Maybe you can say you saw it in Victoria's Secret.)

    I lost mine in my sleep, too, but couldn't find it anywhere - wondered if it just sank into the skin, or is still tucked up under the boobie so deep it would take a mining expedition to find it. :)

    I do worry about paper cuts, though...

  7. LOL, Kate! Gosh, I wish my boobs were big enough to lose stuff in. Ah, I could probably lose it under, though. Like you said. Gravity and all that. hehe. God, if that doesn't make a non-Victoria Secret image. I need a water-bra. But, I'd probably puncture it, drown in my sleep, get my list wet. All in the name of cleavage....

  8. LOL, please don't drown in the pursuit of cleavage, LaDonna - the world still needs you around. :)


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