Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ok, well, I just got an email response from the editor at Aphrodite's Apples asking me to send the entire manuscript (insert elated screams, goosebumps and lots of jumping up and down here) and I am now back on the roller coaster of hope - hooray! - and fear - what if it still gets turned down?

Well, I won't know until I send it! Am off to stop my hands from shaking so that I can send that puppy off!


  1. Congratulations kate,

    See? That banged up toe was a sign after all. A good sign. lol

    I slammed my toe into the door the other day, broke the dang thing and ripped off the nail. The nail hurts much worse.

    Unfortunately, my mishap doesn't seem to be a sign of good things to come, since they haven't come yet. lol

    Congrats again on the request. Now get that puppy out the door!!

  2. LOL - thanks, Theresa.

    I'm sorry about your toe - yikes! Hope you feel better soon.

    And hey - now we have two bad toes, maybe that means you'll get double the good news! (grin)


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