Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well, I've done it...

Sent my poor first child off into the cold, cruel world all alone. (No, not Emily, the manuscript.)

Now I'm back to the waiting game, hoping for a speedy answer, yet dreading that a quick reply might mean thanks, but no thanks.

Unfortunately, all my writing pals, published and unpubbed, have assured me that it never gets any easier. Is that supposed to be comforting, ladies? You're writers, for goodness sake, can't you come up with anything better than that? (grin)


  1. lol kate,

    The agony of the waiting game isn't something that can be hid. Of course, we could try to pretend that it gets easier each time--but one look at our bitten fingernails will give the game away.

    Besides, you're in good company. This means your a writer. Welcome to the club

  2. "This means your a writer. Welcome to the club"

    Thanks, Theresa! :)

    I recently pouted to one of my critique partners that I have PRO pin envy. (The pin the RWA chapter gives out once you've completed a novel, sent it in, and received either a rejection or acceptance.)

    Apparently, I still don't qualify for one because my story wasn't long enough to fit the guidelines.

    But, gosh darnit!

    Didn't I try to work on that baby even when I was suffering from the flu? Didn't I submit a query and suffer the torments of hell waiting for a reply, worried that I'm a hopeless hack, only to receive a request for the MS and brief validation? (Brief, because, now that I've sent it, I'm back to the throes of agony waiting for the next response and worried that I sent it in too soon.)

    Oh! And didn't I try to share the news of the ms request with my daughter, who was as unimpressed & unsupportive as only a teenager can be, and had to find comfort from the only ones who could understand: other writers?

    Well, dagnabbit - if all that doesn't make fit into the "pro" category, I don't know what does! (grin)

    I'm so glad for the encouragement and support of people like you, Theresa. It means more than you know. Oh, wait. You probably DO know - we're in the same club. (smile)


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