Monday, October 23, 2006

From dustbunnies to tumbleweeds

That's what's been happening in my place lately. Who has time for housework? I figure if I can make it across my kitchen floor in ten minutes or less, without getting stuck in the middle, I'm doing ok. :)

I actually managed to get some cleaning in this past weekend, but then I got an idea for a story, wrote down a couple of pages, then looked around and thought, "I need a nap." Took said nap, and actually dreamed the next scene for the story, so all in all, I figured it was time well spent.


  1. Kate, that could be my house! lol. It's just hubby and I now. I have a dishwasher but usually have a load that needs putting away, one to load. (translation-dishes in the sink.) And mop? Well, I do that but not on schedule. Love those Lysol wipes. Good for counters, toilets, everything! I'd rather be writing, than known for a clean house. Edie has a great line for that. Maybe she'll post it. Something about clean house, boring person...something along those lines. lol Don't quote me on that.

  2. Oh, I know about the dishwasher/sink transition (or non-transition as the case may be.):) Have you tried the Windex wipes yet? Great for the toothpaste splatters on the mirror above the sink. I try to keep those and the lysol wipes on the bathroom counters - makes life a little easier. :) Maybe I should attach some to my feet as I walk through the halls... Swifers are nice, but still require some work. :) Won't it be nice when we're rich and someone else can take care of all that? :) I'd be willing to pay handsomely for it if I could afford it.

  3. Kate,

    The Dustbunnies make good sparring partners! LOL Just watch your ankles!


  4. I fill a spray bottle halfway with windshield wiper solution and the rest with tap water. I use it with paper towels. It works and doesn't cost a lot.

    Here's the quote LaDonna mentioned:

    "Dull women have imaculate houses." - Anonymous

    FYI, my house is NOT immaculate. *g*

  5. Good idea, Edie. I like that quote - think I'll make a sign and hang it by the front door. :)

  6. *lol* I hear ya, Kate! Every time I say, "I'm going to clean the house," the muses decide to work on something inspiring, which I have to write right away before I forget.

  7. Isn't that always the way? :)
    Thanks for stopping by, Tempest!


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