Saturday, October 21, 2006

Counting Blessings

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are." - Marianne Williamson

Whenever I'm down, if I remember to count my blessings--literally count them--I always feel better. Even when things have been at their darkest (and there have been some very dark times), if I could just remember to write down all of the good things in my life, all the things I'm grateful for - things as important as my daughter's good health, or as small as seeing daffodils - I start to realize that I have much to be thankful for. The list starts to grow and grow, and pretty soon, I'm smiling again. It almost seems ridiculous, it's so easy. It doesn't make the bad things go away, but it does make me glad for what I have and that gives me the strength to continue on, in spite of whatever darkness may surround me.


  1. Kate, you quoted a great writer, Marianne W. I loved this blog! You're right, ya know. Focus on the good, and good will come to you. Even if it seems dark at times. We've all been there. Keep on counting those blessings, everything else is just gravy.

  2. So true, LaDonna. I have a dear friend who has MS, and she's going through a rough time right now, but one of the things that most stands out about her is that she is never down for long.

    Her positive attitude and sweet nature pull her (and everyone around her) out of the worst of it every time. She is an inspiration on so many levels -- even with the MS, raising two kids on her own (and now putting both kids & HERSELF through college) on a limited income -- she always manages to pick herself right back up and keep moving. She's an amazing woman and one of the people named on my list of blessings.

  3. Kate, I just got chills reading this. Your friend is one of those people here(Earth) to touch lives I believe. They're all around us, if we "see." And you do. I've been blessed to know them also. I'm always amazed how I feel when I'm around them. It's an energy hard to explain, isn't it?

  4. Kate/Rebecca, I love that quote. When I lived in Milwaukee, the library there had a bunch of Marrianne Williamson's tapes and I listened to them all. I bought one that occasionally I listen too. I'll take it out again. :)

    It's easy to focus on the bad instead of the good. Every once in a while I'll look around and think 'life is good'.


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