Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Book Reviews (well, sort of)

I just finished reading Tess Gerritson's blog on the reading preferences of men & women, and it reminded me of the past week I spent with my brother. He recommended S.M. Stirling's "Dies the Fire" trilogy to me, and I read those while I was there. (With a name like Stirling, he had to be good, right?)

I also found A. Lee Martinez' book, "In the Company of Ogres" lying about and read it too. After reading that one, I immediately went searching for more by the same author, and found "Gil's All Fright Diner" at Barnes & Noble which I finished on the plane ride home.

Now, here's where the tie-in with Gerritson's blog comes in. I enjoyed all of those books, (Ogres most of all) but my brother and I enjoyed them for entirely different reasons. When we discussed them, his emphasis was more on the technical/logical aspects of things, whereas my focus was on the relationships and the humor.

While reading the "Dies the Fire" trilogy, I tended to skim over the war strategies and the technical details - the very things my brother wanted to discuss - but I was riveted by the relationships, the things which made him roll his eyes and skip to the next page. However, each of us would recommend the books to others.

Something similar happened with the Martinez books. When we talked about how much we enjoyed them, and the parts we found most amusing, I mentioned some of the funny things the females in the book did and he didn't recall those right away; he mentioned the name of one of the minor male characters, and it took me a second to remember which one he was. I suppose the good news for both of those authors is that they wrote books that appeal to male & female readers. I'd like to do that someday.


  1. Becky, my TBR pile is huge, and I'm going to the library tomorrow. I don't need to know about more good books, lol. With the new year, I'm concentrating on writing. Hard to do a lot of both.

  2. A. Lee Martinez is my favorite "new" writer. He has the male/female appeal, as you said, as well as the uncanny ability to pack a good plot, depth of scene and complex characters into small amounts of space. I truly wish I had his knack for sparing the excessive wordage.

  3. LOL, Edie. It is hard to do a lot of writing and ANYTHING else, I've found. :) Good luck with your new year's resolution. :)

    Avery, I agree with all you said. Plus, he's just so darned funny. :)


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