Friday, January 19, 2007


Yesterday, I made plans to mail my contract and the hard copy of my story to the publisher this weekend. I looked up at the calendar and realized I would be mailing it on my birthday. That seemed fitting. I received the acceptance letter for this story around the one-year anniversary of joining the RWA--which was the anniversary of when I decided to seriously pursue publication--so why not mail the contract on the anniversary of my birth?

Happy Birthday to me. :)


  1. What a great milestone to mark on your birthday! Good for you, Kate. Hope it's a good one. (And thanks for stopping by my blog).

  2. This is very cool, Kate. You'll always remember the date you mailed in your contract and the hard copy. Another step taken.

    If I don't post tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. I wish you the best of luck with the book. I wish you a happy birthday as well.

    You can't tell, but I'm running around throwing confetti and blowing a noise maker. And, you'll be grateful to hear this, I'm fully dressed.

    Peace to you.

  4. Happy Birthday, Kate. How does it feel to be 251 now? And how the heck do I read both blogs? Should I start with one and then go back and forth or what? Help me out here, birthday girl!!!

  5. I hear the tiny pieces of your destiny falling into place. Happy Birthday AND Happy Publication.

  6. Happy birthday Kate! What a lovely thing to do on your birthday. Congratulations for the book and your birthday.

  7. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and wishes.

    How does it feel to be 251, Wayne? Some days better than others. Didn't you take this photo at my party? The glare from the paparrazi's flash made it hard to see who was behind the cameras, but GC and I had a great time, thanks for asking.



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