Sunday, January 14, 2007

Magical Mondays: Someone to Watch Over Me

Some time ago, there was discussion on Magical Musings about the book "Write it Down, Make it Happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser, which led to "Boob Wishes." (My "Boob Wishes" are a post for another Monday :)

Anyway, since I've been experiencing some uncertainty lately about the direction my life has been taking, I remembered something that happened several years ago--long before I'd heard of boob wishes or Ms. Klauser. :)

A bit of a prologue:

One night, several years ago, I dreamt that I was walking down a hallway, and suddenly a very dear friend named Kathy, who had died many years before, appeared in the hall. I was so amazed and happy to see her and truly felt her presence--it didn't feel like a dream. I was just so overjoyed and astounded that I asked, is it really you? She nodded and smiled, gave me a hug, then opened a door behind her. She took my hand to show me inside, but I held back and looked through the brown metal blinds of a large window by the door. Inside the room were several corporate types sitting around a table with computers--there was one red-haired woman I found particularly intimidating. Kathy tried to get me to go in and talk to them, but I was afraid. I felt like I wouldn't belong there, but she told me I had nothing to fear, that I could go in. Still I resisted, just knowing I didn't belong in a such a group (I could see they were far better educated and experienced than I was) so I just watched for a few minutes then I woke up, still feeling like she had really been with me.

Flash forward a couple of years...

One weekend, I was depressed wondering if things were ever going to look up for my daughter and me, and if I was working to the best of my abilities (do you sense a theme here--I do this periodically.) I had quit a full-time job to work part-time, but I wasn't making enough money to cover all the bills.

That Saturday, I thought about all the things I had done up to that point as far as work (I had only been working for about five years then--had been a homemaker for the ten years prior.) I wrote down all the things I had enjoyed doing, and what my "ideal" job at that time might look like. I also wrote down a salary that as a no-longer-young, single mom with limited education didn't really seem feasible, but I wrote it down anyway. I put the list in my purse and went about my business.

The next day, Sunday, I took my daughter to a nearby town to watch a movie. While we were there, I remembered a computer instructor from a class I took soon after my divorce, David Z. He and his family lived in that town and were very kind to me, but I hadn't seen them in several years. The notion crossed my mind to stop by and say "hello" but I dismissed it, thinking it would be too odd after so much time had passed, so I just went home.

The next afternoon (Monday) I got a call from the new secretary at my former job. She asked if I knew a David Z. and said he had called for me that morning, but she didn't want to give him any information about me if I didn't know him. (Dave had also recommended me for the former job.) She said he left his number because he wanted to talk to me about a job I might like. I called, amazed since I was just thinking of him the day before, but was even more surprised when he described the job: it was everything on my list, including the salary.

Of course, I felt it was out of my league and there was no way I would get it, but I applied anyway. To my great surprise, I got it. But the most astounding of all, was a few weeks later when they showed me around the building. There it was: the large glass window by the door, the brown metal blinds and people sitting around a table with computers. And that scary red-haired woman? Her name is Shauna, and she's not nearly as intimidating as I thought she would be.


  1. I wish a spirit had come to me when I was a teenager and done the whole Scrooge deal. You know, here is the past, the present, and more importantly, the future.

    "Stewart, don't marry this woman, change majors and pursue teaching earlier or else get into law, and most importantly [sound of the spirit smacking Stewart on the back of the head] take every spare penny you can lay your hands on and buy Microsoft or Windows."

  2. LOL--I wish it had been like that for me, too, Stewart.

    In this particular case, I almost didn't take the job because I wasn't sure I could do it, and didn't remember the dream until I saw the building--but then I got chills.

    Now I just wish she'd come back and give me tomorrow's winning lottery numbers. :)

  3. Wow, Kate. You've given me chills.

  4. You know, Michelle, I was hesitant to even write about this experience because it was so "out there", but it is one that gives me hope whenever I'm feeling hopeless. I can remember this, and similar experiences, and have to believe that somehow everything will be all right.

  5. This is such a cool story. I sure wish I'd get a visitor like that, trying to drag me into a room to accept an Oscar, or maybe some big award for having hit the NYT list SIXTEEN TIMES! Ha! Thanks for perking my day up. All the best from a Canadian author.

  6. Thanks for dropping in, Holly! Well, you don't need a visitor from beyond--you just need to add pictures. :)

  7. OMG, Kate! This is such a great story! I've heard of things happening like this before. Someone said when he was dating he wrote down everything he wanted in a woman, and right after that he met her. They married, and as far as I know are still together.

    I'm going to make a list of what I want from and agent and an editor--and how much I want for my book. If I get lucky, maybe I'll have a cool dream tonight. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. You do that, Edie! I hope you have a great dream too. :)

    It's funny, but I've seen similar topics to this on Spy Scribbler's blog, Magical Musings and others lately. Someone posted on MM that it was like everyone tends to blog about the same subjects at the same time--and not because they read someone else's--it just seems to happen spontaneously.

    Reminds me of the saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." I think it happens because many of us need the same lesson. :) (Of course, there could be other reasons, but I'm choosing to believe the one I like. lol)

  9. Kate this is amazing! I love dreams, and often have magical ones too! I've had the visits from loved ones who have passed. Those are golden. Also on that level, just before awakening, I'll be in deep conversation with someone. I call this person a teacher, and it's usually about writing. On a subconcious level, I "get it." Consciously, I've only remembered snippets of conversation. I'd love to have the full lecture! LOL.

  10. How cool, LaDonna! It would be great if you'd share some of these stories (if you want.) Part of the purpose of "Magical Mondays" is to not only share my experiences, but to hear those of others, as well.

  11. Hey, Kate, I could talk till the cows come home about magical experiences. I'm very open to them, and find their truth astounding! I'll be back Monday!


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