Thursday, August 24, 2006

One down, several more to go...

Well, I finally updated my website. Will probably have to change the graphic, though - it's misleading since that is SO not me. :) (It was just a clipart image that I thought would like nice there.)

As I worked on it, I was reflecing on the supportive nature of the romance writers' community. Since I joined the RWA and a local chapter in Arizona a year ago, I have been amazed and constantly encouraged by the talent, support and generosity of the people with whom I've come in contact. When I branched out into the online writing community in newsgroups and blogs, I just found more of the same.

So here's a toast to all of you fabulous writers out there - published and still aspiring - you rock! :)

Now, I'm off to bed, perchance to sleep. Tomorrow, I'll think about changing the blog template to match the new look of the website...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And still plugging away...

Well, I'm now just 2 scenes and a brief epilogue away from finishing a short story that I plan to submit to Aphrodite's Apples' Arcadia anthology.

It's the first story in many years that I've written entirely by hand. It was nice to have the portability of a notebook, but now I've got to transcribe it all into the computer. Bummer. I should have used my Alphasmart...

The main problem I'll have with moving the work from paper to computer is actually finding the time when my daughter isn't looking over my shoulder -- something that usually only takes place I'm too tired type anyway.

I wonder how other writers of erotica deal with youngsters in the house? She and I currently share a computer since hers is still in Arizona with her uncle, so I have to be careful to hide my files and ebooks where I wouldn't expect her to look. I generally password-protect my own writing, and have set up a separate log in for her, but when I'm trying to write during the times I actually have the energy, it's a bit hard to minimize the screen every time she walks in the room and maintain my writing "flow". Unfortunately, saying, "I'm working, don't bother me" just doesn't cut it. :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moving right along...

Well, I've added a new excerpt to my website - October Moon. I hope to soon re-do the whole site with two sections: one for sweet romance, and one for steamy. This version of the October Moon excerpt is one I submitted it to contest junkies, but I think they thought even this one was too much for the web. It's funny to me, because this is a very much toned down version from the original! Oh, well. You can't please everybody. :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Book Reviews and Recommendations

Just taking a break from my day job to recommend checking out Lena Matthews' works. I've read two of her books so far, (one last night) and am anxiously waiting for tomorrow's release of another: Stud Muffin. Her heroines are funny, flawed and realistic: not perfect, often a little overweight, and genuinely likeable. Like her heroines, her heroes are often not perfect either, but they are always sexy and appealing. If you haven't read her works before, hie thee to her website!

I was also recently in the grocery store and came across a regency romance in the bargain bin. It's been many years since I've read one, and so I thought, "why not?" I'm glad I did. The book is an older one (released 1992) by Laura Kinsale, called "Flowers from the Storm." Not your typical regency romance. Once again, we have flawed, yet fascinating characters in one of the most touching stories I've read in a long time. It belonged on the book shelf in a place of honor, not in the bargain bin.

I've also recently read "The Turning" by Jennifer Armintrout, and "Forbidden Magic" by Cheyenne McCray. Two exciting, fun, sexy paranormals with strong female characters and "make-you-wish-they-were-real" alpha males - can't wait for their sequels!

For more paranormal reads, if you (or your children) like the Harry Potter series, you might enjoy "So You Want to Be a Wizard" by Diane Duane. This book first came out in 1983 (a decade before Harry) and was re-released in 1996. (I'm assuming to jump onto the fast-rolling wizard bandwagon at the time.) Some of the concepts are presented in slightly more complicated language than Rowling's, but it is still a fun read.

And if you like fun, I'd also recommend just about anything by Jasper Fforde - his "Thursday Next" detective series are a hoot. But speaking of fun, this post just wouldn't be complete without a plug for Mackenzie McKade, who is just as fun and talented as any of the characters she writes. Her writing is imaginative, sexy and fresh. Check her out! :)