Sunday, July 19, 2015

I miss the bloggers...

Yesterday, I saw somebody mention on Facebook how much they missed the blogging days before FB and Twitter.  I agree.  The connections just seemed deeper, the information more interesting. But then it seemed we were all just so busy... and still are.

Yet so much has happened over time that trying to capture it in 140 characters or less seems impossible.

I miss the days of long, thoughtful posts by Natasha Fondren, Stewart Sternberg, Charles Gramlich, Sidney Williams, Steve Malley, Edie Ramer, Avery DeBow, Wayne Sallie, Jon Zech (so very missed!), and so many others.  Granted, several people do still post to their blogs, but the days of sharing of an active blogging community appear to be behind us.

And sadly, I'm as guilty as anybody for neglecting it all. Yet reading about Randy Johnson's passing on July 12, which was also Jon Zech's birthday, has made me a little nostalgic today and caused a few tears to fall.

Yet time marches on. We run, we stumble, we fly, we fall. Then get up again and again until the day we do it for the final time.

Here's hoping we all fly at the last.