Thursday, February 02, 2012

Keeping Track

What would you do with an extra two to four hours per day?

Lately, I've been keeping track of how I spend my time. After a careful watch for the past couple of weeks, I noticed that when I come home from work, I tend to spend about two hours on the Internet reading emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Occasionally participating, but mostly just reading. 


Then, depending on what's going on that day, there could be another two hours either taking care of chores, spending time with my daughter, and/or watching Netflix. 

That's definitely two hours per day that could be repurposed, with a good chance of some days having four!

So, my friends, I'm taking those two to four hours back. For at least the next thirty days, I'll check my email during my lunch break at work in case there is some important business matter that needs addressing, but otherwise, I'll be refraining from the Internet.  I'll miss catching up with everyone, but if you need me, you can email my yahoo account: katesterlingwriting.

The goal is to spend those extra 2 - 4 hours organizing, writing, and exercising. In other words, working on those boob wishes: first draft of Midnight Ink complete, lose 10 pounds, and get my bedroom organized.

God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be back in about a month to let you know how it went.  Or, if I slip off the wagon, maybe I'll update my Twitter or Facebook status with a mini check-in. :)

Of course, I'd still love hearing what's new with you, so don't hesitate to email. I'll have an hour during lunch for that. :)