Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bits and Pieces

In keeping with the last blog post on those bits of prose and poetry coming to you from nowhere, I had that experience again.  Only this time, I was just waking up and could hear this song still playing from a dream I had.  That has happened before, as well, and usually the song had some deep meaning with what was going on in my life at the time.  This time, if that's the case, then it's just darned depressing. :)

Nevertheless, because the experience was still sort of cool (especially the music), I thought I'd share it.  This first bit was set to music in my dream and stayed with me most of the morning before another one started on the train ride into work.  If you recognize it from a song I may have heard and forgotten, let me know.  I always wonder where these things come from.

The dying starts the day we're born
we leave this life tattered and torn
broken down, beaten and shorn

Somewhere along the way you forgot
to strike at the curves life threw you
And as you sing your last refrain
you realize you're the one who remains
of all your friends and all of those who knew you

Round and round you twist and turn
and all the while the fire burns
in your gut and lips with all the truths unspoken
reminders of all the promises you've broken


Then you fell for the demon's kiss
the pride, the pain, the deluded bliss
that shreds the seams and transplants
your skin with his

You threw away the gold in haste
chasing after jewels of paste
Too old now to even try
all you can do is say goodbye

It's all been wasted


Depressing, huh?  I hate to think about what that says.  The last time I heard a song in my dreams that I didn't recognize, the message was fairly positive.  This one, not so much. :)

Nevertheless, it always fascinates me when these things pop up from nowhere and I have a moment to capture them.

Now, in other news, I've got a coupon on Smashwords to read UNMASKED for free if you're interested. Just use coupon code JK69V.  I'm also going to be interviewing for another job this week - it's a stretch for me, so I'm not going to get my hopes up too high, but it sure would be nice.  All prayers, good wishes, and good lucks welcomed. :)

What's new and exciting in your life right now? Any unexpected muse visitations?

Oh! And in time for Halloween, check out Edie Ramer's ghost stories blogs.  Fun stuff - just scroll down a little to start reading them.  I have a couple that maybe I could add there...