Friday, February 25, 2011

Maybe not so pretentious this time?

OK, changed the header again.  I think this is better. :)

Meanwhile, in spite of my lofty goal this year to focus solely on craft and not publishing, I find I just can't do it.  I LIKE the publishing aspect too much.  In fact, I love everything about it - the first story idea, the last page, the edits, the cover art, that first sale... it's such a rush.  And I love it not just for me, but for other people, as well.  I'm always so excited when I hear the good news that someone received a new contract, or decided to go indie.  It's fun!

So, please excuse the mess as this blog continues to undergo updates as I work out its design and purpose.  I was working on setting up a new website, but I've seen several sample lately of blogs used as the author's sole website, and they've done a great job with them (I hope they don't mind if I steal some of their ideas!) 

For example, Tina Folsom did a very good job, I think (although I believe she also has a regular website as well.)  I really like the widget at the top and want to get one, but since I only have two books of my own right now, I'm going to try to add some friends' books to it (providing the friends don't mind - if you'd like to be included, let me know and I'll do it if Amazon lets me.)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coming Out and Shouting Out

Notice anything different about this blog?  I'm working on a new website and updating my blog in preparation.  Since I've been writing under one name, and doing book covers and other art under a different name, I decided to "come out" and combine the two.  (I figure if Steve Malley can do it, why shouldn't I?) :) 

(Quick shout out, Go Steve!)

As for the title, I can't decide if it should be "creatively squared" or "creativity squared" and would be interested in hearing your opinion. Or do you think something else altogether?  All opinions are welcome - even if they are half-baked, cracked, and not worth listening to. :)

Meanwhile, I also want to congratulate Amber Scott and Edie Ramer on their Kindle success. (The crowd goes wild....Yaayyyyyyyyyy)

Some others with new books and exciting projects coming down the pike (in alphabetical order) are:

Avery Debow
Charles Gramlich
Michelle Diener
Natasha Fondren
Rick Moore
Stewart Sternberg

Any news you want to share, whether your own or about someone you know?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Digital Book World, 'PW' Present Self-Publishing Webcast

Digital Book World, 'PW' Present Self-Publishing Webcast

Got this from an email - thought I'd share, since there is such a boom in self e-publishing.  I want to see/listen, but I'll be in the office at that time. :(   If anybody can make it and is willing to tell all, I'd love to hear about it. :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Heads Up Horror Writers

I just saw that Samhain Publishing is now open to horror writers.  Info is here:

I know a few people who have published with them and they were all extremely happy with the experience.  I haven't had a book published with them (yet), but they have rejected me, lol, so they are at least discriminating. :)  They were also very nice and helpful in the rejection as well.  Told me where I missed the mark, and encouraged me to keep submitting to them since they liked my writing style overall.  I was impressed, and plan to submit to them again in the future.  Whenever I have something ready, that is. :)