Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Couple of October Reads...

Since it's been a while and I was getting tired of seeing my own face on this blog, I thought I should add something new. :)
I've been so busy lately, that I'm really tired and unable to string more than a few words together.  However, I do want to take a moment to heap praise on two books I've managed to get through in my frighteningly large TBR (To Be Read) pile.

I just finished "According to Jane" (quirky romance) by Marilyn Brant and "Killing Trail" (western action) by Charles Gramlich.  Two very dissimilar books, but alike in that they kept me turning the pages.

As I read "According to Jane", the word which kept coming to mind was "enchanting."  And she kept me enchanted through to the end.

As I read "Killing Trail", what kept coming to mind was, "Charles really knows how to build suspense and keep-you-glued-watching-the-action."  And he did keep me hurrying through to get to the end.

Lots of fun, both of them. 

Oh!  I just remembered that I read "The Owl Killers" by Karen Maitland - a book I won from the Magical Musings blog (thanks, Michelle!).  Will tell you about that one another time - it was also very good.  Meanwhile, here's a little more about the two from today.

It begins one day in sophomore English class, just as Ellie Barnett's teacher is assigning Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". From nowhere comes a quiet 'tsk' of displeasure. The target: Sam Blaine, the cute bad boy who's teasing Ellie mercilessly, just as he has since kindergarten. Entirely unbidden, as Jane might say, the author's ghost has taken up residence in Ellie's mind, and seems determined to stay there.

Jane's wise and witty advice guides Ellie through the hell of adolescence and beyond, serving as the voice she trusts, usually far more than her own. Years and boyfriends come and go - sometimes a little too quickly, sometimes not nearly fast enough. But Jane's counsel is constant, and on the subject of Sam, quite insistent. Stay away, Jane demands. He is your Mr. Wickham.

Still, everyone has something to learn about love - perhaps even Jane herself. And lately, the voice in Ellie's head is being drowned out by another, urging her to look beyond everything she thought she knew and seek out her very own, very unexpected, happy ending.

Killing Trail is a collection of western short stories by Charles Allen Gramlich, the author of the Talera Trilogy and Cold in the Light. It contains:

Killing Trail: When they dumped Angela Cody on Lane Holland’s ranch she was scant moments from death. She managed to speak only a few words, but those were enough to make Lane strap on his guns and ride out on a killing trail.

Showdown at Wild Briar: Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, Josh Allen Boone has ridden a long way from his Wild Briar Ranch. But now he’s coming home, and the real killers are waiting for him with a rope.

Powder Burn: They said Davy Bonner’s luck had run out and they ambushed him along a dark road. But luck or no, Davy wasn’t going down without a fight.

Once Upon a Time with the Dead: For the gray raiders, death was an old friend.

The work also includes two nonfiction essays, one about Louis L’Amour and another about the real Wild West.