Saturday, April 09, 2011

Silly Me

I thought I was a few books shy of my first month's Indie sales matching my first month's sales with Cobblestone Press, but the reality is, I surpassed them. I had forgotten to add in the Smashwords and Barnes & Noble sales for the month!

Well, now. I found that very interesting. It was also fun to discover that people from the UK, Australia, Denmark and Canada bought my book - and that the most of the foreign sales went to Australia and Denmark. Thanks, mates! Mange tak! :)

(Mind you, those weren't a LOT of sales, but it was still fun for me.) :)

Does this mean I'll stop trying to go for a traditional publisher? No. But it does mean that I'll dust off those "unusual/not mainstream/hard to define genre" manuscripts and put them out there to let the readers decide if they want to read them or not.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, I am totally pooped today. I shouldn't be so tired on the first warm Saturday this year - what's up with that?! Ah, well. Managed to get my living room thoroughly cleaned (baseboards, walls and all - could account some for the tiredness), the dirty kitchen is still looming, and I just want to hunker down with a good book or movie. Any recommendations?

(Although, I was in the mood to watch "The Princess Bride" again after reading this post.)  :)


  1. Good for you! Congrats!

    I think that cleaning is a good reason to be tired. Good thing I was writing instead.

    I read Cynthia Eden's Bound By Blood novella. Only 99cents on Kindle. It's very good! I'll have to write a review tonight.

    Are you thinking of going to a conference in a couple of months? You could check out the WisRWA conference. It's June 3rd-June 5. I'll be there. We could meet in person. They still have pitch appts. open for the agents/editors.

  2. "I think that cleaning is a good reason to be tired. Good thing I was writing instead."

    LOL, Edie. That's probably what I should have been doing.

    I'll check out the conference - I'd love to go if I can. Off to see about Cindy, too. Thanks! :)

  3. We thought we might clean some things this weekend, but we gave it up in favor of reading. It was just a little too chilly, so that gave us an excuse to hunker down with hot coffee and warm blankets, and good books on our Kindles.


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