Friday, October 06, 2006

It's finished!

I did it - I finally did it! The piece that I was working on to submit for consideration to Aphrodite's Apples is finally done. It took a little longer than expected due to numerous illnesses and interruptions, but I'm happy to say that it is done. I'm polishing up my query letter now, and will begin work on a short synopsis just in case.

It's a little scary since this will be my first submission to a publisher, but even if all I receive is a rejection letter, I will hang it on my wall with pride, because at least I took it that far. And maybe one day, I can paper my office walls with rejection slips as well as copies of contracts.

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  1. Well, my dear, no one commented on this post and more than four years have passed since you wrote it. I thought I'd let you know how things turned out...

    You did get accepted by that publisher, then they went out of business about 8 months later (not your fault! lol). You got your rights back and just let that story linger on your hard drive. Meanwhile, you wrote another story for Ellora's Cave older woman/younger man antho calling, but missed the deadline.

    Then, you decided to write a short story under a different name, and it was accepted by a small, niche publisher.

    About a year or so after that, you pulled out the Ellora's Cave manuscript, sent it to a couple of publishers on Natasha Fondren's advice (did you know how much you were going to love her? I don't think you'd even met when you wrote this original post), and eventually it was released with Cobbleston Press.

    About 10 months after that, you were inspired by all the Indie authors publishing on Kindle and decided to release that old manuscript - the one you were so excited to have finished when you first posted this blog.

    It hasn't been doing too badly. So, hang in there, kitten. You never know what life will bring, and it ain't over til it's over. :)


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