Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When it rains...

Steve, Spy, Edie, Avery, Marcia, LaDonna - how's it going out there?

I'm hanging in, but not at the pace I'd hoped for. We were under Murphy's Law yesterday, and today... well, I'm adding a tag of "Magical Mondays" to this blog because let me tell you how it's been.

(Edie & Spy, this one's for you.) :)

Let's see if I can get the timeline straight since I'm still sleep-deprived.

A couple of days ago, I worried that I needed to find work. Spy said don't worry about it, the universe has a way of swooping in at the last minute, and Edie said she was visualizing money raining down on me.

Well, earlier in the month, I had sold a piece of artwork on eBay for a fairly significant sum but it got lost in the mail. Fortunately, the woman who bought it was absolutely lovely. When I explained the other day that I couldn't file an insurance claim on the loss until 21 days had passed (we'd already waited 14 on a package that was sent 3-day priority) she said she'd like to wait another week to see if it arrived, or have me paint her another one instead of give her money back.

That was extremely nice of her and a big relief to me. So, I said a few prayers that it would find its way to her, or that it would somehow work out.

Yesterday, I gathered my purse and keys to go buy the supplies to make her another one since I'd given up hope that we'd ever see the original again. As I entered the lobby of our building, I saw it. Sitting in front of my mailbox was the package -- returned to sender. I had mislabeled it and they'd sent it back. Now everyone wins. :) I had also told her about another painting I was working on, and she wants me to let her know when I'm finished so she can bid on that. What a sweetheart.

(That was also a welcome change from the fireman fiasco which had started out the morning!)

A little while later, I got an email from a former colleague asking for help with a project she had that's due tomorrow. Well, that meant less writing time, but it also meant more money, so I said, "sure."

A few hours after that, I got an email from my former boss (who is now working where I'd interviewed last Monday) who said that they will be making me a formal offer as soon as they finish with the Human Resources paperwork.

Yippee! More money, but hmm.... did I mention I signed up for Nano again, thinking I'd have time after all?

Today, I got two more emails with requests from others who'd like me to do some contract work for them. One is a fairly significant project due by November 12. It also pays pretty well.

Spy, you were right. :)

Though, did I mention I was trying to finish one novel before the end of October, and another one in November? But did I also mention I was broke and needed the money? LOL

So... there any way you can visualize money AND time raining down on me? *grin* Oh, and best sellers for all of us. Thanks, you're the best. :)

Now here's a little bit of fun that I used with NaNoWriMo last year. I can't change the word count, but it does let me change the number of words and the action of the cartoon guy. Since the percentage almost matches my page count #, I thought I'd throw him in. (Of course, I may take Steve's advice and increase my font to 48pt - I should be finished at that rate.) :)


  1. Congrats! Don't you just love it when the good karma finally moves it's a$$ and gets down to cases?

  2. Becky, how cool is that! I don't know how I'm going to visualize you with time and money. That doesn't seem to go together for anyone I know, lol. Not writers, anyway.

    I love it that all these good things are happening to you. You tell me what you want to happen in your writing career and I'll visualize it. Or petition God and I'll sign it with my heart. :)

  3. Oh, Edie, I want the same thing with it that we all do - nice deals and to do it full time. :) I think we'll have to make a joint petition. :)

    Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    So... has anyone else had trouble with blogger today? This is the first time I've been able to comment.

  4. Yay, Kate! My two flaky beliefs:

    1. You have your talents for a reason.

    2. If you line your life, work and effort up with that reason, the world will meet you halfway. Often in unexpected ways.

    Keep faith!

    PS This morning's count- 8898 words. Thanks for keeping me plugging!

  5. "nice deals and to do it full time."

    I'm visualizing, Becky! It's 7:55 am. Did you feel the vibrations change in the air?

  6. Way to go, girlfriend!!! The universe aligned all right. It put you in the center. Very nice! And congrats on the job, the paintings, and everything else wonderful that falls into your lap. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's not over yet.

  7. STEVE: I don't think those beliefs are flaky. :) Great job on the progress - full speed ahead!

    EDIE - I did! That was probably (honestly!) the same time this morning when I had a strange dream of someone giving me a ton of money. My daughter was with me, as was my ex for some reason (that part's a little worrisome, lol) and we were trying find places to put it all.

    You are more powerful than you know, my dear. :) I'll be returning the favor - doing it right now. Imagining wonderful success coming your way. :)

    MARCIA: Thank you. It's good to know we should be all right, though it does mean I have to revise my writing goals.

    20 pages a day just isn't going to happen right now. I did't get any in yesterday because I was so busy writing for everyone else. Of course, I'll get paid for that, so it's still good. :)

    I'm revising the 20 pages to at least 1000 words per day - hopefully more. I think if I stay consistent and do as much as I can (which was the whole point to start!) between now and Nano next month, I should have quite a bit done.

    On a side, unrelated note, I just saw that this post was number 100 since I started this blog. Seems like we should have a party. :)

  8. Becky, I'm feeling your power right now too! Thanks, GF!

  9. Kate, so sorry I haven't checked in till now. Had some computer woes, and am working from a new one now. Needless to say, I didn't get much done, but just happy to be here. So, I shall cheer you and everyone on while I learn a new program, and work the kinks outta my new system. :)

  10. That's something new I've learned about you, I never knew you painted. I think that's wonderful. I had an artist friend once that did paintings and I loved to watch her thought process on what to design. As for NaNoWrite, I think I'm going to do it too. I'm a little surprised with myself, there isn't much time to work on it, but getting a little bit worked on a nw project is better than nothing new worked on a new project, right? Happy Writing and Painting!

    P.S. I love that little guy with your word meter. If it's on the web, I'd like to get one too.

  11. This is my account on NaNoWrite:

    Eep, I can't believe I'm doing this again and there is so little time.

    Oh, I found the word meter and I love that little potato guy. I'm going to use that image later.

  12. EDIE - Lots and lots of going vibes going your way. :) I just saw your post on Magical Musings - how funny was the timing? :)

    LADONNA - Glad to see you're back among the internet gang! :)

    CHRISTINA - Good to see you!

    I'll look for you on Nano. :) My nano name is KatesWrimo (yeah, not too creative, but all the ones I wanted were already gone:) so we can check in there.

    Isn't potato guy cute? I had to change him from working away to sleeping because I haven't had time to work on my novel - too much other work right now.

    But I'm trying to get as much done on my outside project today as possible so I can use one day this weekend to write and one to paint.

    I'm still waiting for the invention of 48hr days, with plenty of energy to go with them.


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